Keynote Speaker

Distinguished professors from both academia and industry will be invited to give speeches.

Elna Holmberg
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Advancements in Electromobility Research

Abstract: The European Union has set a target to reduce CO2 emissions from the transportation sector by 65% by the year 2050. There are many different alternatives to reach the targets, such as biofuels, electro fuels, battery vehicles, and fuel cell solutions. The best way forward to reach an effective and CO2 low/free transportation sector is still being discussed both within the research community and in the industry. One of the alternatives, to electrify vehicles, has matured faster than many expected and has in the past years received more and more attention.

Development started with hybrid concepts twenty years ago and has since moved on to plug-in solutions and to pure battery vehicles. Currently there is also growing interest in fuel cell solutions. The offer of hybridized and plug-in cars on the market is steadily increasing and several car manufacturers are currently launching pure battery vehicles. This past year it has also become evident that heavy vehicles can be electrified. Still, there are many unknown variables both when it comes to the degree of electrification, design and optimization of the vehicles and their usage, charging infrastructure, electricity grid and energy production.

To make electrification an attractive solution for the industry, customers, and society it is important to find the most effective solutions. The presentation includes an overview of the development as well as research findings on components and systems for electric vehicles and their usage carried out within the Swedish Electromobility Centre. It also presents results and insights in areas ranging from cost of ownership analyses for several technical alternatives, including fuel cells, to evaluation of some of the key questions on future electric and hybrid vehicle solutions and their advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally, different charging solutions are also discussed. One charging solution that is often thought of for heavy-duty trucks are electric roads. A cost comparison for static charging and electric roads from a societal perspective is presented. The presentation also describes the implications an electrifying solution on the electricity grid in regard to static charging and electric roads, assuming that C02 targets are reached.

Bio: Dr. Elna Holmberg is the director of a national centre of excellence for hybrid and electric vehicles and charging; the Swedish Electromobility Centre. The centre unites Swedish e mobility expertise and is a node for interaction between academia, industry and society.
Elna Holmberg received her PhD on numerical simulations on turbulent combustion. Dr. Holmberg has since worked mainly in the automotive industry in different managerial positions focusing a variety of areas, from engineering and styling to academic research, both for cars and heavy vehicles.
Later, as Research Leader withing R&D at AB Volvo, she focused on future vehicle systems and the need for developing both competences and solutions

After several years in product development, Dr. Holmberg resumed her contacts with academy to take up the challenge to build a national centre for hybrid and electric vehicles, a position which still captures her attention.