Conference Schedule

The conference is filled with interesting technical sessions and other meaningful activities.

Parallel Sessions

Session Title Chairs
Transmission and Distribution, Smart Infrastructures
Prasanta Ghosh, Syracuse University
Micro Energy Grids
Maher Abdelkhalek, University of Windsor
Transportation Electrification
Ahmed M. Othman, UOIT
Smart Water
Rupp Carriveau, University of Windsor
Hydrogen Energy Systems
Michael Fowler, University of Waterloo
Thermal Energy Systems
Martin Agelin-Chaab, UOIT
Khalil El-Khatib, UOIT
Energy Storage
Information Systems and Communications


Safety and Security of Smart Energy & Grids
Hadis Karimipour, University of Guelph


Panel Discussions

Panel discussions will be organized with the participation of potential industrials partners.

Panel Discussion Topics Speakers
Smart Energy Systems and Technologies, and their Applications on Utility Substations, Communities, Micro Energy Grids, Transportation Electrification, Internet of Energy
Miguel F. Anjos
Loi Lei Lai, Rahul Mangharam,
Xu Bingyin, Huimin Li
Education and Innovation in Energy Systems Engineering, Challenges, Quality Controls, Ethics, Education Chain, and Graduate Studies
Hossam A. Gabbar,
Mohamed Safiuddin


Exhibitors are provided space and time to demonstrate their technology to all participants, and participate in all sessions and activities in the program. Exhibition fee is 400 USD.


This event is sponsored by IEEE Toronto, NPSS Chapter, UOIT, and DSEA.


More information about IEEE can be found on the official website.